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Free Sample

To give you a better understanding of our products, LBD Smart Card Co., Ltd. will provide you with free samples of a variety of smart cards for you to try. I hope you will be satisfied with our products and services.

Our sample service:
First, our sample is completely free for customers to use and do not charge any cost of the sample.

Second, our company directly ship to customers, fast and convenient, home delivery.

Third, free packaging fee, exquisite beauty packaging, publicity pictures of our other products will provide you with the free samples, so you can always contact us to customize what you need.

Fourth, we have a dedicated network sales outlet, so you can log on the official website of Alibaba and consult our online shopping.

Our free products

SLE4428 White Card

SLE5528 White Card

Key Chain

TK4100 White Card

4442White Card

24C02White Card

4428White Card

Original Binding NXP S50White Card