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LBD Smart Card Company was opened! We are doing network selling with a lot of concessions, welcome customers to buy, to customize. We will be happy to serve you!

Here is our promotional activity planning table. You do not miss this great opportunity!

Activity time

end time

Products involved in activities

Preferential policies



Various brands of VIP cards, supermarket shopping cards, Hotel consumption cards

Before 5.1 day celebration, to bring convenience to a vast number of customers to shopping, we are here to promote our shopping cards to facilitate your cheerful, convenient, affordable holiday shopping trip. Our smart card in this whole plant is with 12% off, favorable sale, and many kinds, full-featured, sophisticated appearance.



A variety of entertainment cards , reading cards, exquisite toy store cards

To provide children with a cheerful 6.1 holiday, we will promote all kinds of entertainment cards, to provide children convenience to enjoy VIP service in entertainment cities.



Hotels consumption cards, accommodation cards

National Day holiday is often an expected holiday for white-collar workers, and hope all service industries prepare for the holiday season in advance. Customers who have a large order of smart card during this period will enjoy the lowest price of my factory. Welcome customers to buy.

Since its establishment in 2008, LBD Smart Card has developed very quickly. To thanks customers' support and love for the company, we prepare the following promotion activities:

Activity start time

Activity end time

Products involved in the activity

Preferential policy



All kinds of smart cards in our factory

To congratulate the fourth anniversary of LBD Smart Card Co., Ltd., the MOQ of various types of smart cards in the whole plant is 100. During this period, customers who buy smart cards in our company will enjoy 10% discount. All 10% discount. Welcome to buy!



All kinds of smart cards in our factory

To provide services for our customers, to improve our business volume and quality of service, in 2012 we will have a new breakthrough. Customers who order a lot during this period will enjoy the lowest prices. Welcome to buy!

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