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Traditional charges, attendance, access control and emerging conference attendance, channel, parking, night watch, member consumption, water control, ticket checking, elevator, etc.

Contactless IC card is divided into logical encryption card and memory card. Memory card does not have password authentication function which is essentially equivalent to a U disk or magnetic stripe cards, usually applied to water meters, electricity meters.

Logic encryption card has basic password authentication function, similar to ATMs, if there are three consecutive password input errors, it will be automatically locked. It is generally used for the consumption function, such as clubs, restaurants, etc.

Non-contact IC card application is very broad, each sector has a separate password, and each sector can achieve different functions, widely used in the card system;

Contact CPU card is used for the social security system;
The non-contact CPU card is used in the safety requirements for card systems such as City Card (including public transportation systems);
Smart card applications:
1. Finance;
2. Telecommunications;
3. ID cards;
4. Governments;
5. Utilities;
6. Traffic;
7. Medical care;
8. Organization, firm or internal management.

Smart card applications in government departments

Smart card applications in medical care industry

Smart card applications in education industry

Smart card applications in leisure

Smart card application in information security

Smart card applications in communication systems

Smart cards applications in banking industry

Smart cards applications in banking industry