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Success case

With years of rich production technology and experience, Shenzhen LBD Smart Card Co., Ltd is dedicated to providing our clients with better quality and more effective smart CARDS. Our technology advantage comes from professional research and process development. We can provide customized service for all types of chip cars and exquisite CARDS with all sorts of shapes. If you have any information for smart card production, please don't hesitate to contact with our office for more favorable information.

1. Freeway tolling management system  
In Freeway tolling management system, Shenzhen LBD Smart Card Co., Ltd can realize the functions of contactless Card  security issue (pass card, monthly card, all kinds of operation personnel work cards), implement initialization issue of reading and writing card, card management and distribution function between each toll, and the complete elimination of erosion phenomenon in pass road network and all kinds of cheating, make highway owner, all levels of centers and charge stations understand the flow of pass card, maintain the usage balance of pass cars between pass tolls, make reasonable and effective management of the cards in the network of circulation.

Applicable areas: Apply to express charging system.

System structure: Highway pass charge management system is composed with the center management subsystem and toll charge pass management subsystem, specifically it includes:
a). Toll charge card management system
b). Each section of central IC card management system
c). Networking distribution of central IC card charge management system.

The system function (characteristics):
Toll charge card management system: 
a). A pass card
b). V pass card
c). Recovery bad card
d). Hand in bad card
e). State check of pass card
f). Inventory check
g). Inventory maintenance
h). Data inquires
i). Database maintenance
j). Networking of central IC card charge management system:
k). Data management
l). Data inquires
m). Path circulation inquires of pass card
n). Stock inquiry of charge station
o). Circulation table of pass card
p). Seal table of pass card
q). Blacklist of pass card
r). Issue check of abnormal recovery card
s). Data statistics
t). Exchange quantity per hours/daily statistical figure
u). Stocks pass car and bad card statistics
v). Inventory quantity and bad card quantity change statistics
w). Pass and bad card usage statistics.

Successful cases: Liaoning vehicle, Guangdong highway, Jiangsu highway, the Shanxi highway, Hebei highway, Henan highway, Hubei highway, etc.

2. Integrated city car information management system 
Integrated city car information management system is an IC card payment system based on multiple applications, which can realize the data unity and standard of all kinds of public transportations. It can integrate the fees of water, electricity, gas, and the city small consumption into the system, and achieve the integrated card management with city vehicles fees settlement and city residential small fees which are good for information sharing with all kinds of purposes. The system provides city residents with convenience for traveling in daily life and improves the operation management level of public transport company as well as city digital level.

Applications: This system is applicable for integrated car management level in any city.
System includes:
Integrated city card information management platform
Card transactions information platform
The key issue system platform
Card issuance and management platform
Fund settlement and management platform

System functions (features):  
a). Practical:
The applied technical route and product are under the practical test and proved to be mature and reliable. The design results can satisfy the needs of customers and are effective; 
b). Open: Using open standards, technology, structure, system components and user interface to ensure each subsystem can be implemented in stages, and easy to connect, and have mutual influence; 
c). Reliability: Design result is stable and reliable with high MTBF and low MTBR, at the same time it has the fault-tolerant function, fault detection and recovery means;
d). Safety: The effective and credible security measures to realize the system has multi-layer safety control; 
e). Advanced: Advanced design idea, software and hardware equipment are advanced, the network is with advanced structure, and development tools are advanced; 
f). Manageability: System can be fully managed in an effective monitoring; 
g). Efficiency: High performance index, high resource utilization rate, software and hardware performance can be in full use; 
h). Scalability: It expands from scale and performance with big expanding room. 

Successful cases: The Quanzhou integration projects of public card system.

3. Smart grid system information solutions
Smart grid system solutions of space information use RFID radio frequency identification technology to achieve the electronic payment system of electric vehicles, battery storage management, inventory, automatic identification, vehicle location, battery status information collection and many other features.

Field of application:
The system is suitable for the operational management of electric vehicles, smart grid asset management and other fields.

System components:
a). Intelligent vehicle terminal subsystem of electric vehicles;
b). Intelligent electronic card payment subsystem of electric vehicles;
c). Intelligent vehicle management subsystem of electric vehicles;
d). Asset management subsystem of electric vehicle;
e). GIS applications management subsystem of electric vehicles.

4. The "One Card" system in the library
Intelligence degree of modern library is getting higher and higher. Except the installation of computer and network systems equipped with high-performance servers, advanced software and high-speed broadband network switching equipment, it also supports large-scale online transaction processing and domestic and international network interconnection, providing readers with a comfort and convenience borrowing environment and advanced search tool. If we combine the application of non-contact IC card and library information management system, to achieve the integrated management by one card of library management by readers, Internet access charges, access control, consuming, etc., this will greatly enhance the library's information management capabilities to enhance the book information data security, reduce the strength of management staff, improve efficiency, reduce operating costs, in order to further promote and improve the quality of library services, and to better serve society.

1). System introduction
The system uses multi-use features of advanced inductive non-contact IC card to manage readers, and together with the alarm monitoring devices, strict control readers in and out. Library IC Card can be used as a reader's reading card in which store the reader's personal identity and the borrowing and returning books records. It can also be used as stored-value card, convenient to readers in the library to do a variety of consumer, such as dining, shopping, photocopying, timing the Internet, and also it can collecting usage data of the IC card by reader-writer, and transfer the data to computer data management system to improve the library management system.

2). The composition and functions of the system
The whole system mainly consists of five major components: the issuing (simple file management of readers, card issuance, loss report, card replacement) subsystem, fees subsystem for online time, consumer management subsystem, access control subsystem, and book information management subsystems. Each distribution subsystem is in different departments, through 485 unshielded twisted pair to form a local area network with connection to a central server. Each subsystem implements strict access control, administrators do authentication login with management card.

2.1). Reader management of card production
a). System composition
Mainly make up by non-contact IC card’s  card -dispenser and card-issuing software, card identification system of color image (including portrait camera, card printer and other software), computer and book circulation management software subsystem.
 b). The main function
  ① After completing the registration of card information, hand the card to Administrator for entry, and then use the card identification system for color images, to print cardholder's portrait, name and other personal characteristics on the card surface.
②Maintenance of card readers' information, card issuance, loss report, card continue, card replacement, data query and blacklist management functions;
③After finishing the management of non-touch IC card, new readers can enter the museum for to borrow books. If you have already finished the management, at first put the library card on the reader for identification and landing, and the staffs see whether there is beach records. If there is not, you will be allowed to enter the museum. The card can be stored the borrowing date, title, returning date, and other records. And it can deduct money in the wallet file (if the book is damaged, lost or overdue, you will be punished in accordance with museum regulations). 
2.2) Consumer systems of timing to the Internet
a). System composition

It is made up of consumer POS machines, the Internet terminals and management software. The POS machine at the same time can also be used for authentication. The system works automatically authenticate data password and ID when working, to protect the system from any fraud.  
b) Functional description
Modern intelligent libraries are equipped with advanced high-speed broadband network switching equipment which supports domestic and international network interconnection, allows readers access to digital information services, and audio-visual multimedia audio-visual services. Open the computer, before uses, readers should put the library card with a certain amount of money on the POS machine connected to a computer. After identification of POS machine and check the amount of money, computers can be start by connected with the power supply. At the same time, POS machines will automatically deduct access charges from the card reader according to set charge rate. If the card balance is not enough, it will inform readers immediately doing the supplement, or when it will automatically cut off the power of computer terminal.
2.3). Access Control System
a). System composition

The non-contact IC card management system is made up of IC card, access control of non-contact IC card, electromagnetic locks, and non-contact IC card access control, management host software. Access control is installed on each floor of reading room and other important entrances. Cardholder enters into designated area within the specified period of time. This can realize the collection of readers'  in-and-out, data statistics and automation of information query process, facilitating the management department to check the in-and-out information of guests, and effectively grasping the classification statistics from the audience. The system at any time can download blacklist in accordance with the instruction of the administrator to prevent illegal cardholders to enter or illegal holding books to leave.  
b). Functional description
When entering, readers with rights should show their own IC card to the access control, showing their card number, the door locks will be automatically open. Access control automatically records the names of the readers and other personal information, access date and time, and transfers the collected data to the host. When readers with no rights enter the door, the door lock will not be open. Statistical system will filter the information collected by access control, and then do statistics according to the reader's name, department, and date statistics. Each department of library can check the readers in-and out situation in their zones at any time according to need, and print it.
2.4). Automatic charging management system of photocopying, restaurant, canteen
a). System composition
It is made up of consumer POS machines, top-up machine, management computer and software, mainly installed in canteens, copy rooms, and small restaurants.
b). Functional description
Readers holding library card of the museum can consume in the museum restaurant, canteen, and copy room. POS terminals will automatically deduct the spent money. When the balance of the card money is on the limited number, the canteen terminal can alarm holders to do supplement. When doing supplement, you just need to give the money, the management person will immediately write the amount into the card by authorized reader-writer.
2.5). Library information management system
It is used a dedicated library management information system which will not elaborate here.

3). System Features
The system with unified planning and unified design, simple operation, and good man-machine interface. Non-contact IC card is through triple cipher identification of system password, user password, card password with high confidentiality which can take strict precautions against the non-museum readers to borrow books. Besides, the card stores readers' borrowing information, playing the role of a data backup, eliminating administrator's labor for manual registration. Thereby it increases the efficiency, and makes the system more secure and reliable. The system is scalable, easy to be implemented in phases and improved. It realized the program design principles implementation of the modularity, standardization and development to adapt to the needs of a wide range of applications.
Non-contact IC card transaction process is fast and easy, and system maintenance is simple, cheap, and closed systems can prevent external moisture, dirt, dust, and the entry of foreign matter. It provides a strict and efficient, safe and convenient mode of management, not only enhancing library management information system functions, but also greatly reducing management costs, which improves administrative efficiency, the quality of library services to facilitate the readers, to produce good social and economic benefits.